Interesting facilities nearby

  • Within 1km, 18th’s hole, professional golf course Amber Baltic, where you can enjoy the exciting sport of golf, or even begin your experience with it, taking part in the introductory classes.
  • 17 km away, City of Międzyzdroje with the Museum of Woliński National Park, Międzyzdroje-Zalesie with the remainings of testing grounds of the V-3 rockets from the times of II World War, the rockets that might have been able to change the course of the War and the history.
  • 16 km away, close to Międzyzdroje, the Bison Park of Woliński National Park that offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family.
  • 16 km away, Centre of Slavs and Vikings in Wolin, that invites for the journey to the past. On the exhibition they are reconstruction of the early medieval buildings and craftsmen facilities. Annually the Festival of Slavs and Vikings is organised during the summer.
  • 7 km away city of Międzywodzie and 9 km away city of Dziwnów with the access to unlimited leisure opportunities. You will be able to find a marina that offers both touristic boat courses as well as wild sea expeditions. You can also enjoy fishing or go for a nice walk there.